Update #8: Unified Command Issues Status Report on the Bayport Channel Collision Response

The Unified Command for the Bayport Channel Collision provides this update regarding the current situation and future plans.
As reported yesterday, the damaged barge has had all cargo removed and it has been delivered to a local shipyard for further evaluation.  It is no longer a factor in this response.
The capsized barge was moved yesterday to a safe location in Barbours Cut, where crews will work in the coming days to remove the cargo from the barge and conduct further salvage operations.  No further releases of cargo are anticipated, but should they occur, the area is boomed off to contain any spills and response crews are standing by on scene.  Additionally, air monitoring will continue in the communities near the work site until the cargo is removed from the barge.  Areas being monitored include Morgan’s Point, Shoreacres, La Porte and Channelview.  Community air monitoring reports will continue to be posted to the air monitoring page at www.bayport-response.com each day for as long as monitoring continues.  As of 11:00 am on May 16, 2019, the Unified Command Air Monitoring Team has obtained 16,130 air readings throughout the area.
Ongoing and planned operations at the site of the overturned barge will have no impact on vessel movements in the Houston Ship Channel or adjacent waterways.  Traffic continues to operate without restrictions.
Natural resource monitoring and assessments will continue and will involve the appropriate agencies and non-governmental partners.  Impacted areas will be addressed and remediated as approved by the Unified Command.
Going forward, updates to this site will be limited to any significant developments.  The claims number and website will remain active for the foreseeable future.  Inquiries regarding the response and its status may continue to be directed to the Joint Information Center using the “Contact Us” link at www.bayport-response.com.